Hilarious Photos Of Protesters Crashing Mitt Romney's Fancy Hamptons Fundraisers

Romney protest

Photo: AP

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had some uninvited guests at his fundraisers in the Hamptons this weekend, as critics protesting the Republican candidate descended on the swanky seaside enclave. AP photographer Kathy Kmonicek got some memorable images of the gatecrashers — which included representatives from MoveOn.org, the Occupy Movement and the Long Island Progressive Coalition — as they lined up along Meadow Lane in Southampton, where controversial billionaire David Koch hosted a $50,000-per-head fundraiser for Romney on Sunday afternoon. 

The protests prompting some hilarious confrontations with Romney’s wealthy donors, some of whom had memorable things to say about the state of the everyday American.

A policeman directs a Rolls Royce around the protestors.

Activists D.J. Friday and John Murdock donned President Obama and Mitt Romney masks respectively.

A curious bicyclist checks out the protestors.

Southampton Police and New York State Police stand guard.

Activists also protested outside Koch's beachfront home.

Police line the edge of the Koch property to keep protesters back from the event.

But one Romney supporter came out to defend his candidate, setting up camp across the street from the protestors.

Now get to know the rest of the Romneys...

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