Mitt Romney Is Resetting His Campaign Message — Again

Mitt Romney

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After a series of stumbles on the campaign trail this month, Mitt Romney‘s campaign said today that the candidate will finally start revealing more policy details this week.In what amounts to yet another reset for the struggling Republican candidate and his staff, senior campaign advisor Ed Gillespie wrote in a memo that Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan will offer specifics on their energy and trade policies this week, during a tag-team bus tour through Ohio, a crucial swing state, laying out the contrast between their platform and that of President Barack Obama. 

But on a conference call with reporters Monday, Gillespie clarified that Romney won’t be offering any new policy proposals, but will simply “reinforce more specifics.” 

Voters, he said, “are eager to hear more details of plans to turn our economy around.”

The latest campaign reset is the second in a week for the Romney campaign, as the Republican nominee struggles to get back on track after last week’s firestorm over the leaked fundraiser video. Gillespie’s message comes amid growing criticism from Republicans that Romney has failed to lay out a detailed case to voters, and that he has spent too much of his time fundraising and not enough out on the campaign trail. 

When asked by a reporter today about whether Romney was doing enough events “during the day,” Gillespie responded that the candidate “has been doing a lot of events per day, but a lot of them are fundraising events.” 

“We’re going to reach a point here, hopefully soon, where we have the resources needed to carry us through Nov. 6,” he added. 

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