OH NO: Romney Inflames Middle East Tension By Calling Jerusalem "Israel's Capital"

Romney Jerusalem

Photo: Haaretz

After his London disaster, Mitt Romney needed an international-diplomacy win.

And it looked as though he had one going over the weekend in Israel, where he had avoided gaffes.

Until last night.

Last night, Romney referred to Jerusalem as “Israel’s capital.” This is technically correct–it is Israel’s capital.  But most countries, including the U.S., regard Israel’s capital to be the less-inflammatory Tel Aviv. So Romney’s description has infuriated the Palestinians.

That’s probably OK, though, as far as the U.S. election goes. If a Presidential candidate is going to pick a side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, picking Israel is the safer bet.

Meanwhile, Israeli business news site Haaretz has a tough message for Romney, arguing that the whole trip was just an unimpressive sales pitch:

An open letter to Mitt Romney:

I hate to burst your bubble, but if you believe that American Jews are going to vote for you in large numbers because they perceive you as more committed to Israel and more respectful of its current prime minister, you’re dead wrong.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Israel. It must have been fun playing the statesman in meetings with Israeli leaders and catching up with your old ‘friend’ Bibi and your new friend, Sheldon.  I’m sure you told them everything they wanted to hear…

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