The Romney Brothers Shared Some Hilarious Stories Of Mitt Romney's Prankster Side On Conan O'Brien's Show

The Romney brothers stopped by Conan Wednesday night, discussing the prankster past (and present) of their father, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney with host Conan O’Brien. 

Tagg, the oldest Romney brother, explained one prank Romney pulled when his friend was getting married. “[Romney] found his way into the hotel room ahead of time. The groom’s outfit was there and he took some pink nail polish…on the sole of the first shoe [he wrote] “HE” and the second, “LP,” Tagg said. “It was a Catholic wedding, so when he knelt down to be blessed by the father, the word, “HELP” appeared. I’m not sure they’re still friends.”

The brothers shared that their dad likes to sing Roy Orbison songs and recite lines from Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live skits.

The Romney brothers also talked about their major pet peeve: Being called “boys.” 

“It’s like you’re 98 Degrees or something,” O’Brien said. 

Check out the entire clip here:

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