WELL DONE, MITT! As Governor Of Mass, Romney Banned The Assault Weapon Used In The Colorado Massacre

Mitt RomneyI was against these guns before I was for them.

Photo: Courtesy of CBS

In 2004, as Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney banned the sale of assault weapons like the one used to spray 50-60 bullets a minute in the Colorado massacre.On FOX News, Romney explained his position as follows:

“I believe the people should have the right to bear arms, but I don’t believe that we have to have assault weapons as part of our personal arsenal.”

That seems like a perfectly reasonable position, no?

(Seriously: Do we really need to be able to buy and own these things? Is that really in the best interests of our society? Really?)

Unfortunately, in the intervening years, Romney has flip-flopped and now supports the sale of assault weapons like the one used in the Colorado massacre.

But the families of those who were shot and killed in the theatre can presumably take some comfort from the fact that Romney was against these guns before he was for them.

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