The Romney Campaign's Response To Bain Retroactively Hammers Obama's Negative Advertising

UPDATE (7:30 p.m. ET): Both Bob Schieffer and Mark Halperin have expressed displeasure with their appearances in the ad. On CBS’ “Face the Nation” this morning, Schieffer said he was “shocked” by the ad. 

“That was a question that I posed to David Axelrod. Not a statement,” Schieffer said. “I have no affiliation with the Romney campaign. This was done without our permission.”

Meanwhile, Halperin posted a series of tweets saying he was “uncomfortable” by appearing in the ad. Here’s the last:

Mark Halperin Romney

Photo: Twitter/@Markhalperin


The Romney campaign’s official television ad response to the controversy surrounding when exactly he left an active role with Bain Capital hits President Barack Obama with charges of negative advertising. 

The 30-second spot does not directly address the issue of Bain Capital, which has been the theme of the week. The ad features CBS anchor Bob Schieffer, New York Times columnist David Brooks and Time writer Mark Halperin. 

The ad continues the theme from the Romney campaign that Obama is running a negative campaign. The clips of Schieffer and Brooks are actually from May, while the Halperin clip is from June. 

“When the president was elected, he talked about hope and change,” Schieffer said on Face the Nation on May 20. “Whatever happened to hope and change? Now it seems he’s just coming right out of the box with these old-fashioned, negative ads.”

The ad is part of a pushback by the Romney campaign to the slew of criticism this week over when exactly Romney left Bain Capital. Senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie told CNN’s Candy Crowley on Sunday that Romney “retired retroactively” from Bain in 1999.

Watch the ad below:

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