Rolls-Royce Just Had Its Best Year Ever

gold rolls royce phantom

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“Refined luxury” and “Rolls-Royce” tend to be synonyms in the car world.It could also be a synonym for “unbelievably expensive.”

Despite their exorbitant prices and difficult economic conditions, Rolls-Royce had their best ever year of sales in 2011 according to Jalopnik.

The automaker moved 3,538 of their huge luxury cars with double digit growth in almost all major markets. The Asia-Pacific market led the way with nearly 50% growth, while Asia and the USA each grew by about 20%.

A majority of the growth came from the entry-level Roller, the BMW 7-Series based Ghost. Still, the most affordable car in their lineup will still set you back a minimum of $250,000.

Now look for sales to triple if Rolls introduces a $175,000 model.

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