Rolls-Royce made a stunning driverless concept car that has a couch and TV inside

Driverless cars are coming.

Uber is actually already letting select users in Pittsburgh hail a self-driving car as part of its pilot program. With autonomous tech advancing to the point where cars are becoming fully autonomous, automakers are starting to re-thinking the interior design of their cars. 

Rolls-Royce is experimenting with how the inside of its cars could change with driverless tech. The company gave a glimpse of what the interior of its cars may look like when it unveiled its Vision 100 concept car earlier this year. Scroll down for a closer look:

The concept car is Rolls-Royce's vision for a luxurious, driverless car of the future.


The backseat comes with a silk sofa that seats two. The car is basically a moving living room, as there is no access to a steering wheel with the car driving on its own.


Passengers can sit back and watch a show on a giant OLED screen that takes up the entire wall of the front cabin.


The car comes with other luxurious features, like sleek doors that swing open when you're ready to start your trip.

And a secret back compartment to store luggage.

The car also comes with its own personal artificial intelligence assistant named Eleanor.


Eleanor can give passengers information about their trip and upcoming appointments for the day.

Rob Ludacer

The AI assistant can also bring the car around automatically when passengers are ready to go.


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