Rolls-Royce will show off a car painted with diamonds at this year's Geneva Motor Show

Rolls-Royce is going for pure luxury at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Rolls-Royce will unveil a version of its Ghost luxury car that’s painted with actual diamonds at this year’s show, which kicks off March 9.

Aptly named Diamond Stardust, the Ghost features paint made from 1,000 crushed diamonds. Rolls-Royce says the diamonds were “ethically sourced” and the paint was made in-house. It’s the most expensive paint ever used on a Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce diamondsRolls-RoyceThe fine diamond powder added to the clear paint.

It took two months of testing for Rolls-Royce to ensure the diamonds would maintain their shine when used in paint. The result is a clear paint that can spread over the Ghost’s surface and remain undetectable to touch.

Rolls-Royce only used the paint on the top section of the Ghost.

The exterior also features a custom red pinstripe and 21-inch wheels. Naturally, the car is just as luxurious on the inside with display screens for passengers in the back and tray tables.

Rolls-Royce didn’t disclose a price for the car, but said it was commissioned for an individual collector. A typical Ghost, though, starts at about $US300,000.

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