Rolf Harris Could Face More Jail Time, UK Attorney General Reviews Sentencing

Getty/ Tristan Fewings

Rolf Harris was yesterday sentenced to five years and nine months in jail for the indecent assault of four women between 1969 to 1986.

But sentencing has recieved such a back-lash that the British Attorney General Damien Grieve has been forced to review the court’s proceedings.

“I can confirm that the sentence handed to Rolf Harris today has been referred to the Attorney General’s Office under the unduly lenient sentence scheme,” a spokesman for the office said.

“It only takes one person to trigger the process, and there is a strict 28-day time period, which means the Law Officers have until Friday 1 August to consider whether they wish to refer the sentence to the Court of Appeal.”

Last night Harris spent his first incarcerated night in Wandsworth Jail, the facility where he will be held until he is moved to a minimum security facility in the country.

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