Roku's stock has more than doubled since its first earnings report -- making its founder a billionaire

  • Roku, a video streaming platform and hardware company, blew past Wall Street estimates in its first earnings report as a public company on Thursday.
  • The stock has more than doubled since.
  • Founder Anthony Wood, who owns 27.3% of Roku, is now a billionaire.

Shares of Roku have skyrocketed 125% in the three days after the streaming-video platform company released its first earnings report as a public company.

Anthony Wood, the 51-year-old founder who now serves as Netflix‘s VP of Internet TV, still owns 27.3% of the company, according to public filings. The surge in Roku’s stock price has grown Wood’s net worth by $US652 million to $US1.07 billion, according to Bloomberg.

In its first earnings report as a publicly-traded company, Roku crushed estimates, reporting an adjusted loss of $US0.10 on revenues of $US124.78 million. Wall Street was expecting a loss of $US0.40 per share on revenue of $US118.75 million.

Shares rose 13% on Friday, and another 32% into Monday afternoon after the company announced discounted streaming sticks ahead of the holiday season.

Shares are trading 67% above their September opening price.

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