Soon Your Roku Will Be The Size Of A USB Stick

roku streaming stick

Photo: Roku

Instead of plugging in yet another box to your TV, Roku is shrinking its product down to the size of a USB thumb drive.The new Roku Streaming Stick is a device that has all of the features of a Roku Box in one small unit that plugs into a special port in your TV.

It’ll have all the apps, processing power, and Wi-Fi connectivity that you get in the current hockey puck-sized Roku box. Roku also promises to provide regular updates to the Streaming Stick, just like it does with the Roku box.

The downside: The Streaming Stick requires a special MHL-enabled HDMI port to work. So far, the only manufacturer on board with that is Insignia, Best Buy’s hardware brand. That means the Streaming Stick won’t work on your current TV. You’ll have to buy a new one from Best Buy or wait for other manufacturers to start using the new HDMI port.

Roku didn’t provide a price for the Streaming Stick, but did say it should launch by the end of the year.

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