Roku's $99 Netflix Box To Stream Other Video (NFLX)

If you bought Roku’s $99 Netflix movie-streaming box, you’ll be getting more content soon — but not necessarily from Netflix. Roku tells Forbes that a software update later this year will let you stream video content from other “big name” providers.

Roku didn’t say who these providers are, but we have some guesses. It’s possible the set-top box could plug into Google’s (GOOG) YouTube interface, the same way other gadgets like Apple’s (AAPL) Apple TV and iPhone do. Or Roku might be adding a Web browser with an Adobe (ADBE) Flash plugin to its systems, which could theoretically play video off YouTube, Hulu, or potentially any other company that uses Flash for its video, like ABC or NBC.

It could also be getting content from the forthcoming on-demand streaming video service from Amazon (AMZN), but we think that’s less likely. Amazon’s service will more directly compete with Netflix — and this is, for now, at least, still the Netflix box.

We’re contacting Roku, and we’ll update with any more information. Any better guesses? Let us know in comments or via our anonymous tip box.

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