13 Ways Roger Goodell Has Turned The NFL Into A Dictatorship

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Roger Goodell has pushed the boundaries of his power more than any NFL commissioner before him.

While he has presided over a period of massive success for the league, he has also been a lightning rod for controversy.

He has cultivated the sense — fairly or not — that he makes decisions unilaterally and sometimes outside the bounds of league protocol.

1. He was the judge and jury on the botched Bountygate decision. Most of his penalties were later vacated.

Source: CSN

2. He fined Bill Belichick $500,000 and had the SpyGate tapes destroyed after just a five-day investigation.

Source: NFL

Source: ESPN

Source: ESPN

5. The NFL allegedly killed an NBC Sports Network news story about how spouses of retired players are dealing with the long-term effects of football.

Source: ESPN

6. He has turned the players against him. 61% of players disapprove of the job he's doing.

Source: USA Today

7. Ownership refused to budge on the replacement ref fiasco, leading to the disastrous Packers-Seahawks Monday Night Football game.

8. He has handed out more fines and suspensions for big hits than any other commissioner, even on hits that weren't called penalties.

9. He handed out some of the harshest suspensions ever to players who got in trouble off the field.

Source: CBS Sports

10. The Steelers became so paranoid by his fines that some players entertained the conspiracy theory that they were being targeted because they were the only team to vote against the Goodell-backed CBA in 2011.

11. He's hell-bent on the 18-game season even though everyone agrees it's harmless to player safety.

Source: PFT

12. The NFL went nuts when the Redskins and Cowboys for took advantage of a salary cap loophole in 2010. They penalised the teams a combined $46 million in cap space after the fact.

Source: ESPN NY

13. Colts assistant Jim Tressel was suspended for a violation he committed while an NCAA coach.

Source: ESPN

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