The NFL Just Extended Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Contract Until 2019

Roger Goodell Is Popular

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After helping the NFL and NFLPA come to an agreement on a new labour deal, Roger Goodell is getting a contract extension. Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal reports the NFL has extended Commissioner Goodell’s contract five more years.His contract was set to expire in March 2014 so he’s now under contract until March 2019.

This isn’t much of a surprise. Goodell helped push through a 10-year collective bargaining agreement last year and avoided missing any meaningful games (just one preseason game) during the lockout. Anything the NFL touches lately seems to turn to gold and the most recent season was a tremendous success. It wouldn’t make any sense to have a leadership change right now.

Kaplan reports that the most recent tax returns indicate Goodell was making around $10 million annually but that number will likely go up in the coming years.

Goodell first took over as Commissioner in 2006.

This post originally appeared at SB Nation.