Roger Federer dressed like Rafael Nadal after vowing he would never mimic the look

Getty Images/Business InsiderRafa Nadal wearing a sleeveless shirt. Not everyone’s a fan.
  • Roger Federer recently said he would never go sleeveless like Rafael Nadal.
  • He explained that he could not mimic his rival’s look because his arms “are not like [Nadal’s] arms.”
  • But on Friday, Federer was wearing the same sleeveless top that Nadal was wearing 6,000 miles away at the Madrid Open.

Roger Federer was once asked if he would ever go sleeveless like his rival, Rafael Nadal, and vowed he would not.

“That’s not gonna happen,” Federer told Jim Courier after a match at this year’s Australian Open. “You know why? My arms are not like his arms. It’s pretty simple.”

Fast-forward 3.5 months and Federer was showing off his guns in a sleeveless Nike tennis top while training in Dubai.

To be fair, Federer probably meant he would never go sleeveless during a tournament. But what made this particular photo so amusing is that about 6,000 miles away, Nadal was wearing the same top while practicing for the Madrid Open. And well, he does look a little different in the shirt.

And here is the look side by side, which gives us the best look yet at how Federer doesn’t quite fill out the shirt in the same way.

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