Someone made a hilarious meme of Roger Federer on Twitter — and it was so good that the tennis star replied

Getty ImagesRoger Federer.
  • Roger Federer was made into a meme on Twitter.
  • The post was so bizarre that it prompted a reply from the 20-time Grand Slam tennis champion.
  • Federer is renowned for his sense of humour and has left fans in stitches with self-deprecating tweets in the past.

Roger Federer was made into a meme on Twitter – and the post was so bizarre that the 20-time Grand Slam tennis champion personally replied.

One Twitter user created a collage of four photos in a screenshot that is … interesting, to say the least.

It starts with a headshot of Federer, but it gets weirder the farther you go down, as there’s then a picture of another person’s midriff, then a tail, then Timberland-style boots.

See for yourself:^tfw

The collage quickly went viral and had over 150 replies, 13,000 retweets, and 60,000 likes as of Thursday.

One of those who replied was Federer, who applauded the creativity:

Federer is renowned for his sense of humour

The 36-year-old is revered not only for his technical ability and longevity at the very top of the game in tennis, but also for his sense of humour.

After all, this is the man who believes the Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates would make the perfect tennis partner, who had to field curveball questions from the comedian Will Ferrell about whether the secret to his success is eating wombat meat, and who explained why he would never dress like his rival Rafa Nadal (Nadal’s incredible muscles, he said).

Federer is not prolific on social media, but fans appreciate his posts whenever he tweets.

Two months ago, when Federer returned to the court after skipping the clay season, a fan asked how his wife, Mirka Federer, felt about his return to competition.

He tweeted a hilariously self-deprecating reply: “Finally he is out of the house.”

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