Roger Federer is about to hit yet another massive career milestone

Roger Federer celebrates his 2017 Australian Open final victory against Rafael Nadal. (GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Roger Federer has reached yet another massive career milestone – he has spent a total of 900 weeks ranked within ATP’s list of top current male tennis players.
  • From Monday, Federer will also have spent 900 consecutive weeks in the top 25.
  • This is something no other male player has ever managed to accomplish.

Roger Federer’s legacy gets bigger by the day.

The tennis champion’s latest accomplishment is testament to the player’s longevity, as Federer has become the only player besides Andre Agassi to spend a total of 900 weeks in the ATP’s top 25 list of current male tennis players.

And according to Tennis World, Federer is set to do something not even Agassi accomplished by spending not only 900 total weeks, but 900 consecutive weeks inside that top 25 list.

Federer first entered the ATP top 25 in November 2000, but it proved to be only a temporary one week stay. Federer returned to the top 25 list in February 2001 when he won his first ever ATP tour title in Milan. Since then, he has spent an extraordinary 899 consecutive weeks in the list. That’s 206 months, or a little over 17 years, ranked in and amongst the world’s elite.

From next Monday, Federer will lengthen his stay to 900 consecutive weeks. This something no player, not even Agassi, was able to achieve.

The milestone will come after Federer also became the first ATP player to spend 700 weeks ranked in the top four male players in the world. last month

Agassi spent 910 total weeks ranked inside the top 25, but not all of them were consecutive. The closest player to match Federer’s consistency was Jimmy Connors, who spent 865 consecutive weeks in the top 25 between 1973 and 1990.

Federer will not want to rest on his laurels as his main rival Rafa Nadal has time on his side and could reach 700 consecutive weeks inside the top 25 in five months. The 900 week mark, though, would be well over four years away for the Spaniard.

He has not played competitive tennis since the Miami Open when he was knocked out of the second round by Thanasi Kokkinakis in April.

He has skipped the clay season so he can be as fit and fresh as possible for the 2018 Wimbledon Championships, which begin in July.

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