A new video shows Roger Federer playing the piano, and he says he wants to practice so he can surprise his wife and 'play a song for her'

YouTube / UniqloRoger Federer.
  • Roger Federer’s latest appearance in a Uniqlo ad showcases his piano skills.
  • Federer played piano as a child, but it was not long before tennis took over.
  • Regardless, he wants to learned to play again so he can play a song for his wife, Mirka Federer, as a surprise.
  • You can watch Federer play the piano in the advert below.

Roger Federer is renowned for his forehand, but how is his Bach?

Luckily, tennis fans can find out by watching Uniqlo’s latest advert campaign, which features the 20-time Grand Slam champion playing the piano.

At the start of the ad, Federer can be seen holding a cup of tea and opening a black piano lid. He then settles onto the stool and plays a Johann Sebastian Bach melody, specifically the Prelude No 1 to Well Tempered Clavier.

Later, we find out that this is not the first time Federer has tapped away at the keys of a piano.

“My parents asked me to play the piano when I was younger,”he said in the Uniqlo ad published on YouTube. “Of course my head was stuck in tennis. For me, piano was always a bit more complicated but being back today was a lot of fun.

“I still feel like I have it to some extent,” he added. “I still need some practice and honestly I can’t wait until I have more time again to start playing the piano, because I’d like to surprise my wife one day and play a song for her.”

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Watch the advert right here:


Of course, tennis remains Federer’s primary focus and the 37-year-old is currently preparing for the Dubai Tennis Championships, a 500 Series hard court event held in the United Arab Emirates later this month.

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Federer will be looking to bounce back following his failure to win the 2019 Australian Open, the year’s first major, having lost in the fourth round to Stefanos Tsitsipas in January.

The Dubai Championships begin on February 25.

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