Roger Federer shared a peek inside the Wimbledon clubhouse in a 'Cribs'-style video with Vogue

YouTube / VogueFederer took Vogue for a sneak peak around Wimbledon, before a crowd had a chance to form.
  • Roger Federer showed Vogue around the All England Club just days before the Wimbledon Championships began and crowds assembled around Centre Court.
  • For Federer, Wimbledon seems like his favourite tournament. He told Vogue he simply “loves this place” for the “history and tradition.”
  • He took Vogue through the clubhouse, pointed out the trophy cabinet and the “wall of champions,” and led the cameraman through the double doors and onto Centre Court.
  • He shared insights as a family man, an athlete, and a winner in tennis and in life.
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Roger Federer is happy that it’s time for the Wimbledon Championships once again, telling Vogue before the tournament had even started that he simply “loves this place.”

He said the best thing about playing at Wimbledon is “history and tradition” and that Centre Court in particular is “a dream come true for every tennis player.”

Considering Federer’s history at the grass Grand Slam, it is easy to see why he is so enamoured by London’s iconic venue.

He is an eight-time champion, after all, and will be hoping to extend the record for most Wimbledon titles by winning a ninth time this month.

But before he got his 2019 campaign up and running, he took Vogue through the clubhouse for a ‘Cribs’-style peak at a place that is practically his home away from home.

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Vogue profiled Federer in one of its “73 Questions” shows this week. It was a great insight into who he is as an athlete, a man, and a father. For example, one of the values he said he’s learned from his kids is “snuggling,” which he says “is the best.” He later added, with a twinkle in his eye, “I love them so much.”

As Federer led Vogue into the Wimbledon clubhouse, he told a story about playing tennis at the top of Jungfraujoch, a saddle between two mountains in the Swiss Alps, with his American skiing friend Lindsey Vonn.

He then showed off the cabinet where the men’s singles trophy is currently held. Behind the glass, Federer said: “So close, so far,” before giggling. Joe Sabia, known as “The 73 Questions Guy” then said: “You have eight of these things.” To which Federer simply said: “Yeah, I do.” He added that he has a big trophy cabinet at home, but “there’s always space for one more.”

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They then walked by a “wall of champions” where Joe from Vogue said, “that’s a lot of Federer right there.” As a multi-winner, “eight is great,” Federer said. “It’s actually my favourite number, but nine has a better sound to it.” Joe then singled out another name on the wall — Rafael Nadal — who Federer called an “intense guy on the court, super honest off the court,” and someone who has “a heart of gold.”

Walking through the double doors is an experience Federer knows perhaps better than most as it leads to Centre Court. Before he gets on the grass, he’ll tell himself: “Come on, Roger … you got this. Go for it, enjoy it, let’s go.”

Whenever it is match point, when he is just one winning shot away from lifting the trophy, Federer said it is so quiet that when you’re about to serve, nobody is talking, and the only thing you can hear is “a cough, maybe.” Then the “crowd erupts, when you win the point.”

Federer said the opponent that he both most dreads and loves playing against is Nadal. The Spaniard is someone he could end up playing in the semifinals next week. For Federer, he will have to ensure he optimises a playing strategy of his. It’s called “fire and ice.” He said: “You got to have fire in the belly, wanting to win every point, you give it your absolute best. And then ice in the veins, for me, is basically you’re so focused in the most important moments. You are so calm and so composed. That’s what it is.”

Federer plays his third round match against Lucas Pouille. It is unclear if he will be on Centre Court, but he will likely still play with all the “fire and ice” he is capable of.

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