Roger Federer May Have To Miss The French Open Because His Wife Is Pregnant

We are still more than a month away from the French Open, but Roger Federer may not get a chance to win his 18th career Grand Slam because he wants to be with his wife when she gives birth to their third child.

“It’s a priority for me trying to be there, trying to support my wife,” Federer told the media at the Monte Carlo Open (via “I’ve played enough tennis matches. Missing a tournament or missing a match wouldn’t change anything for me.”

Federer has not said when the due date is for the birth. But he hinted that it is at least close to the dates of the French Open.

When asked if he was prepared to miss the French Open, the 2009 champion confirmed that he was.

“Yeah, let’s talk about it when it would happen,” said Federer. “At the moment, we hope it’s not going to be that way.”

Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets recently received some criticism from fans and media for his decision to miss the first two games of the season while on paternity leave.

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