Roger Federer Busted By Wimbledon Fashion Police For Wearing Shoes With Orange Soles

Roger Federer Nike shoes

Roger Federer has been told by Wimbledon officials that the shoes he wore during the first round of this year’s tournament violated the tournament’s dress code and that he will not be permitted to wear them again according to Mike Dickson of The Daily Mail.

Wimbledon mandates that players wear all-white with only small exceptions accepted. The orange soles of Federer’s Nike shoes (seen above) were deemed to be in violation of this code.

The orange is the accent colour used on all of Federer’s Nike attire at Wimbledon (see image below) and includes the orange swoosh on both his shirt and his head band.

Federer is well known for his looks and fashion choices. And through the years his shoes have often been the wildest part of his on-court attire.

Here is a look at his shoe choices at some other recent Grand Slam events, starting with the 2009 Wimbledon, which curiously also did not have white souls once the grass left its stain…

2009 Wimbledon Roger Federer shoes

At this year’s Australian Open he wore pink and black shoes. Note the four Swiss crosses which represent his four Australian Open titles…

2012 Australian Open Roger Federer Shoes

And here are his colourful kicks from the 2012 Australian Open…

2012 Australian Open Roger Federer Shoes

Finally, the red, white, and blue Nikes he wore during the 2012 U.S. Open, with the trophy representing the number of U.S. Open titles Federer has won…

2012 U.S. Open Roger Federer Shoes

Federer’s orange-trimmed attire for Wimbledon…

Roger Federer

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