Roger Ebert Vs. The Jackasses Of The World

I have never seen the Jackass movies, nor have I sat down to willingly watch their programs on MTV. I’ve also never been a CKY fan, and I think the genre (with these examples being the most prolific) promotes a form of ‘entertainment’ that is dangerous in many respects.

The most dangerous, in my eyes, is holding up for full view a group of young men who get paid unreal money to perform infantile, dangerous, and potentially fatal stunts for shock value and laughs.

The danger develops a stranglehold on the impressionability of youth. I can tell you from personal experience that I have friends who have videotaped themselves performing similar stunts in their yards and neighborhoods. I know this, because I was forced to endure their versions of “home movie night” in their living rooms.

I also know that if you multiply Johnny Knoxville’s salary from Jackass 3D by zero, that’s how much each of these friends were paid, combined, to do these stunts. They’re also lucky that none of them suffered a life-threatening injury. Of course, they’d have little grounds for legal action, since MTV aired a “don’t try this” disclaimer before every broadcast.

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