UPDATED: Roger Clemens Indicted On Perjury, Read The Indictment Here


Update: It’s official, Clemens has been indicted. We’ve embedded the indictment below.

Original post: Former MLB star Roger Clemens will soon be indicted for perjury, according to NYT.

At issue is whether he lied in front of Congress in 2008 when he straight up denied any using steroids and other performance enhancing substances.

Clemens’ former trainer Brian McNamee turned on the former star, saying he did use banned substances.

The indictment will be unveiled soon.

The news comes as claims grow that Lance Armstrong also used performance-enhancing substances to win the Tour de France, though the former cycling champ has never had to testify under oth on the matter.

Read the whole report at NYT.

Roger Clemens Obstruction Indictment

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