We Checked Out The Party Of A Wall Street Firm That's Had A Truly Rough Year

rodman renshaw wall st party

It’s conference season on Wall Street and that means there will be plenty of parties after those long days of presentations and networking. 

Investment bank Rodman & Renshaw is currently hosting its 14th annual global healthcare conference at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan.  

As part of the conference, Rodman & Renshaw hosted a gala dinner at Rockefeller centre’s sunken plaza complete with a band and dancing. 

We checked the party last night and have included some highlights from our evening in the slides that follow. 

One major thing we noticed at the Rodman & Renshaw gala was how lightly attended it was compared to last year’s party.  Two attendees, who will remain anonymous, said the same thing to us. 

Rodman’s gala last night wasn’t on the scale of the party it threw for the same conference in the last two years, which included a charity gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a Mary J. Blidge performance and a private Janet Jackson concert at Radio City Music Hall the year before that. 

Back in May, Rodman & Renshaw announced executive leadership changes and that it had changed its name to Direct Market Holdings Corp.  The stock price is down ~71% YTD

(Note: We apologise for the photo quality.  We used our iPhones)

When we first arrived at Rockefeller Plaza for Rodman & Renshaw's gala we decided to scope out the scene before entering.

After a few minutes, we noticed that a lot of women were wearing white after labour Day. Turns out, the gala was black and white themed and we were both wearing blue!

There was security with wrist bands around the entrance to the party.

Inside there was a band playing. At first, no one was dancing and then...

People started tearing it up. It looked like so much fun!

The band played a wide range of tunes from jazz standards to American top 40 songs.

Of course, there were open bars.

And food, too.

The sunken plaza was a gorgeous spot for a party, especially on such a beautiful evening.

Our sources, who have been to the Rodman event in the past, tell us that this year's was 'lightly attended.' Last year, Mary J. Blige performed and the year before that Janet Jackson did.

The firm's stock price is down 71.11% YTD.

Back in May, Rodman & Renshaw announced its intent to change its name to Direct Markets Holidng Corp effective June 1 and its ticker symbol to MKTS, which trades on the Nasdaq.

Back in May, Gen. Wesley Clark stepped down as chairman and a member of the company's board of directors, Rodman & Renshaw said in a release.

Want to see what the gala looked like last year?

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