RockMelt For iPhone Isn't What You'd Expect From A Mobile Browser, Here's Why That's A Good Thing

rockmelt iphone browser

Photo: RockMelt

RockMelt’s mobile browser for iPhone is live in the App Store.The social browser is not what you’d expect, and that’s a good thing.

Instead of being taken to the web, RockMelt shows you a feed of Facebook, Twitter, and RSS updates when you launch.

This is pretty unique for a browser, but RockMelt’s mission is to show you news and updates that’s relevant to you.

The iPhone version syncs with your desktop’s RockMelt browser, so logging in to your Facebook account will bring up the same RSS feeds, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. (If you don’t use the desktop version of RockMelt, check out our review here).

You can download RockMelt now for free in the App Store. Click the link below for a tour of the app in action.

Here's the RockMelt icon. Tap to launch the app.

RockMelt will sync with your desktop version (if you have it). This takes a few seconds.

Here's the main menu for RockMelt. Your bookmarks and feeds will sync with your desktop browser.

After you add a feed, you can view recent stories by tapping it from the main menu.

To refresh your feeds swipe down from the main menu.

Tap the search bar at the top of the main menu to either search the web or enter a URL.

Web pages load quickly. Unfortunately, Apple blocks you from making RockMelt your default browser. Bummer.

Now check out the desktop version...

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