TV reporter thinks he is interviewing a different Colorado Rockies player in awkward and hilarious live segment

  • A reporter for California’s KTLA mixed up Colorado Rockies’ outfielders Carlos Gonzalez and Noel Cuevas in an interview.
  • Cuevas broke the news to the reporter and walked away laughing as the reporter scrambled to recover.

A reporter for the California-based news station KTLA had an awkward encounter while attempting to interview Colorado Rockies right fielder Carlos Gonzalez.

The reporter thought he was interviewing the Rockies outfielder, bringing up hot dogs and their Orlando, Florida, roots. However, the reporter didn’t realise he was actually standing next to right fielder Noel Cuevas.

“I’m not Carlos,” Cuevas said, putting a friendly hand on the reporter’s shoulder. The reporter, stunned, looked at Cuevas’ No. 56 jersey (Gonzalez wears No. 5) as Cuevas walked away laughing.

“Looks just like him,” the reporter said. “That is a live TV moment right there.”

Watch the amusing exchange below:

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