The Latest Crazy Dwight Howard Trade Scenarios Prove The Whole Thing Is Ripping Apart At The Seams

Dwight Howard Houston Rockets

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As the complicated Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets trade scenarios began to fall apart Tuesday, thanks in large part to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ reluctance to giving Kris Humphries a long term deal, the Orlando Magic began to look at options with other teams.In fact, the Nets are already far along on a new max contract to keep Brook Lopez, a key part of any potential Howard deal, in Brooklyn for the foreseeable future.

The latest ideas being discussed involve the Houston Rockets in two different capacities, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein.

Houston is interested in either acquiring Howard in a direct trade with Orlando, or being the third team in a complex scenario where Howard ends up with the Los Angeles Lakers and they get Andrew Bynum from LA.

The latter idea was gaining some traction as of Tuesday, according to Hoops World.

In that case, LA would get Howard, Houston would get Bynum, and Orlando would get a slew of first round draft picks, young prospects, and lots of cap space.

The Magic are not too keen on signing Bynum, or Lopez as part of the blockbuster Nets trade that is now on life support, to a long term deal and would rather rebuild their roster from complete scratch, according to Hoops World.

Orlando thinks a draft picks and prospects-laden haul similar to what the Denver Nuggets got for Carmelo Anthony is more appealing than the expiring contracts teams normally get in return for superstars.

Of course, even if Howard going to Houston directly or Bynum ending up with the Rockets as part of a three-team deal are now more likely than Howard landing in Brooklyn, these potential deals could be just as difficult to pull off.

For as convinced as Lakers brass may be that Howard will eventually agree to stay in LA long term, he’s consistently said he has no desire to do so. Likewise, he’s never expressed a willingness to play for the Rockets.

Then add in this note from Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

ALL of this makes us believe a Dwight Howard trade won’t happen anytime soon, if at all.

And that would be great news for any team with significant cap space to offer Howard a contract next summer if he plays out his final year with the Magic, i.e. the Atlanta Hawks.

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