The Rockets’ Best Chance At Nabbing Dwight Howard Just Exploded In Their Faces

Dwight Howard Houston Rockets

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It’s beyond obvious that the Houston Rockets are in hot pursuit of Dwight Howard.Unfortunately, their latest attempt at moving up in the draft to get a pick they could dangle Orlando’s way was denied.

The Sacramento Kings rejected the Rockets’ offer of up-and-coming point guard Kyle Lowry and the No. 16 pick for their No. 5 pick and Chuck Hayes, according to David Aldridge of (via CBS Sports).

Yes, this trade proposal shows the Rockets will stop at nothing to get Howard, even if it means trading their best player.

But it also says quite a bit about the Kings.

Sacramento is in complete rebuilding mode, needs help at just about every position on the floor, and isn’t even sure where it’ll be playing in the next few years.

Yet they won’t bite on getting an established NBA point guard they desperately need. Also, Lowry and Hayes’ salaries are virtually identical so this isn’t about money.

The Kings value whomever falls to them at the No. 5 spot more than Kyle Lowry.

Baffling for sure, but then again, it’s the Kings.

All of the latest mock drafts have Sacramento taking either Connecticut’s Andre Drummond, Weber State’s Damian Lillard (also a point guard) or North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes.

So despite everyone saying this draft is fairly even after consensus No. 1 Anthony Davis, the Kings prefer to take a chance on one of these guys over getting a young, experienced floor general.

The Rockets still have three mid first round picks available, so there’s a small chance a team like the Charlotte Bobcats would seriously entertain an offer. But for as adamant as the Bobcats have been about wanting to trade down, their price seems to be pretty high.