Those Cool Wooden IPhone Cases Just Got Even Better

Woody hybrid caseRocketcasesWood on back, rubber on the sides.

We were unabashed fans of Rocketcases’ Woody iPhone case
when we reviewed it in February. Now the company’s
new Woody Hybrid caseis out, and in our test-drive of it so far, it’s another slam dunk.

I like this case for a lot of the same reasons I liked the other one. I prefer simplicity in my tech accessories and this case pleasantly delivers with its straightforward but elegant design. While the reverse of the case is still made from really nice-looking wood, the sides are a tough protective rubber that’s effective yet thin.

You can probably imagine what happens when you drop an iPhone housed in an all-wood case too many times. The Woody Hybrid is built to stand up to some tougher treatment so you don’t have to worry about treating it with kid gloves.

The Hybrid case adds less bulk to your phone than the standard Woody, barely changing the size of a naked iPhone. And I’ll repeat it again: it’s not stupid looking (cough bunny ear cases cough).

This is a good case for heavy iPhone users who text away all day or are otherwise tough on their phones. It’s for people who want more protection than that offered by the standard wood case.

This is also great for anyone who just likes really sharp-looking and functional stuff. Dark walnut wood! It’s like furniture!

You can pick one up here for iPhone 5 and here for the 4 and 4s for $US29.95.

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