Rocketboom’s Founder Andrew Baron Explains Traffic Mystery


Earlier today, we expressed bafflement at a wide discrepancy between Rocketboom’s reported video downloads of 200,000 a day (as of March) and a severe year-over-year decline in site visitors (per Compete) of 57% to 5,000 a day.  Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron explains:

Comscore and Alexa don’t work for Rocketboom. As time goes  on our audience migrates to platform of choice.

We have an exponentially larger audience on TiVo alone per day, let  alone per month. Our audience on Pando is also way larger than 5,000 per day. So is our phone distribution. Our HD versions on 3rd  party sites are very popular now, so are our iphone distributions.  Some Youtube videos have been getting a couple thousand per day.  As for our website, we have around 100,000 downloads per day, many come  through RSS syndication and most of our audience does not use Alexa because they are know what Malware is.

BTW, I used to be a big fan of Wired, but have you seen how they  write these days? They are almost as bad as The Enquirer, which means  they need to create hyperbole due to their drastically declining  Alexa status (which is more of an appropriate measure for a non-video site like Wired‘s).

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