One of the most innovative sports games in years is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Rocket League” is unlike any video game you’ve ever played. It’s essentially a game of soccer, but with rocket-powered cars instead of human players. 

It’s one of my favourite games on the PlayStation 4 (it’s also available on Xbox One and PC via Steam), but later this year, it will arrive on Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, which itself has been on a rocket ever since its release in early March.

Though most people have praised the Switch (myself included), one of the biggest sticking points with critics has been its limited roster of must-have games. Of course, this is understandable since the console only launched about six months ago, but the addition of “Rocket League” only makes the Switch a better sell. Two of the biggest hits on the Nintendo Switch currently, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Splatoon 2,” encourage people to play with and against each other, thereby taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s unique multiplayer capabilities. “Rocket League” fits that bill in a similar fashion, and it’s also a proven winner on other consoles, meaning it’s easy to recommend before it’s even released.

For the Nintendo Switch version, “Rocket League” maker Psyonix created some new cars themed after Nintendo’s most famous mascots, including Mario, Luigi, and Samus Aran of “Metroid” fame — all three of these cars are featured in Psyonix’s new teaser for the game, which it released on Wednesday night. You can watch that teaser below.

“Rocket League” will release on the Nintendo Switch sometime in “holiday 2017.”

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