The ‘rocker look’ will be everywhere in 2016

Every guy wants to a rock star.

No, really, it’s a trend. Recent explosions in popularity for two signature aspects of a rocker’s style — the Chelsea boot and the biker jacket — have confirmed it.

These two items are selling so well at the same time that we’re going as far as saying that the rocker look will be everywhere this year.

The Biker Jacket

Aziz ansari
Aziz Ansari donned a Saint Laurent biker jacket in the third episode of his new show, ‘Master of None’. Netflix screenshot

It wouldn’t be practical or right to say that the black leather motorcycle jacket has ever really gone out of style — it hasn’t. But recently we’ve seen a huge resurgence in the edgy style.

Dev, Asiz Ansari’s character from his Netflix series “Master of None”, wore a variety of leather jackets, but none were more memorable than the Saint Laurent biker jacket he wore in episode three of the show.

New York City-based Schott has been making the style since the Schott family pioneered the zippered and asymmetrical zippered jacket in 1928, and many brands have attempted to imitate its “Perfecto” trademark.

“We saw a significant increase in 2014, and it’s been consistently hot since then,” Jennifer Goldszer, director of public relations at Schott NYC, told Business Insider.

Schott perfecto
An updated version of Schott’s classic ‘Perfecto’ jacket.

The jacket has undergone similar revivals in the 1950s (spurred by James Dean and Marlon Brando in their respective movies of the era) and the 1980s (with the popularity of the Ramones and other punk bands).

Schott has had to increase its production to keep up with the increased demand, Goldszer said.

Chelsea Boots

Jack erwin
Jack Erwin’s Chelsea boot is a top-seller. Facebook/Jack Erwin

Another element of the style, the elastic Chelsea boot, has experienced a similar resurgence in recent years. Spurred by trendsetters such as One Direction band member and hair icon Harry Styles, who doesn’t seem to ever take his off, stylish guys are clamoring for the laceless boots that were staples of ’60s rock and roll.

Harry styles
Styles wears his signature Chelsea boots at the British Fashion Awards in December 2014. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The New York Times even wrote about the boots’ revival in November.

Jack Erwin, an e-tailer for men’s footwear, began selling a Chelsea boot in September, and it immediately became a top-seller.

“We had large numbers of customers come into our Fitting Rooms specifically to try it on and were sold out of the black leather option in its first few weeks,” Jack Erwin co-founder Ariel Nelson told Business Insider.

Since then, both the black and brown versions have remained top-sellers.

Nelson said he sees a large variety of men purchasing the shoes, from young guys looking for a boot to wear with tapered pants, to older guys looking for a versatile boot that can be worn both casually and dressed up.

What can we infer from these two concurrent trends? Guys just want to look cool.

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