Real Robots Spotted Hailing Cabs In Hollywood For Ambiguous Stunt [PHOTOS]

A strange PR stunt has sent real-life robots through the streets of major cities in California.

While there’s no official word why robots have been hailing cabs in Hollywood, riding ferries to Sausalito, or trying to figure out the subway in San Francisco, all will supposedly be revealed Thursday night.

Photos and videos of the bots have been regularly posted on a new Tumblr and Twitter for something called Brilliant Machines. It’s all very ambiguous. What do you think it’s for?

These are some of the best sightings so far:

Riding the ferry to Sausalito. 

robot twitter california pr

Here’s a video of a robot trying to hail a cab in Hollywood.

Robot trying to figure out mass transit:

twitter robot california pr

Robot walking by a diner in Pasadena.

Robots hanging out outside Twitter HQ.

twitter robot stunt la

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