This robot can trick computers into thinking it's a human

“Captchas” are a vital line of defence against robots.

They’re those little tests you have to take to prove you’re human online, often when signing up for something. Without them, the web would be overrun by malicious bots and fake accounts — but even they’re not perfect.

YouTuber Matt Unsworth has uploaded a video of a robot that is able to get around them — by taking a particularly unconventional approach.

The Captcha the robot fools tracks the user’s mouse movements to make sure they’re a “real” human. So rather than trying to trick it with software — a tactic that can often be detected — it goes down the hardware route. Using a capacitive stylus, the robot physically moves the mouse on the trackpad, as if it were a real human wiggling their finger around. The computer doesn’t stand a chance.

The robot uprising is right around the corner. No one is safe.

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