Robot strippers with cameras for heads are the highlight of the biggest tech conference of the year

Robots, as they say, are coming for your job. Even you, strip club dancers!

Robot strippersAlex Wong/Getty Images

That’s the number one lesson we’re taking away from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which is currently taking place in Las Vegas. One intrepid strip club, the Sapphire Las Vegas, flew in these robot strippers from London in a bid to entice CES attendees, The Daily Beast’s Taylor Lorenz reports.

More bizarrely, the club says it’s an attempt to sway women to attend.

The Sapphire Las Vegas is normally a standard strip club, with human (female) dancers. But during CES 2018, going on this week, it’s transforming into a robot strip club.

Alex Wong/Getty

It still has a stable of female dancers, but the big feature during CES — intended to draw in CES attendees — is a gaggle of robot dancers brought in from the UK.

Alex Wong/Getty

The robots have terrifying-looking closed circuit television cameras as heads, giving them a distinctly “Mass Effect” vibe.

Alex Wong/Getty

The combination of stage lighting, hard plastic anatomy, and exposed wiring give these robot strippers a real air of “dystopian future.”

Alex Wong/Getty

To go along with the “dystopian future” vibe, the club’s managing partner Peter Feinstein told The Daily Beast that his club is using the robot strippers as a means of attracting a more diverse crowd. “If you’re six people from a company and there’s two women and four guys, you can still here and have some fun and see the robots and not feel like you have to be part of a strip club,” he said.

There are cheeky jokes to go along with the robot strippers, like this tip jar that’s asking for battery money.

Alex Wong/Getty

The guest appearance at Sapphire Las Vegas is apparently happening all week — and clearly some folks are already jumping in.

Alex Wong/Getty

One CES attendee at the club told The Daily Beast he was unimpressed by the relatively low-tech robots. “I’ve seen robots do much more complicated things than these ones are doing now,” he said. “Robots can operate on your brain and do really precise things now. These are a little too mechanical.”

But if you ask us, these robot strippers are impressively adept. Have you ever tried to support yourself using a vertical metal pole? It’s hard!

Alex Wong/Getty

Check out this video of the robot strippers in action, care of The Daily Beast’s Taylor Lorenz:

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