Robots have now mastered the ability to assemble IKEA furniture in 20 minutes

Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand/ AFP/ Getty Images.
  • Researchers in Singapore have programmed robots to assemble an IKEA chair.
  • The autonomous machines can complete the chair assembly in around 20 minutes.

A pair of robots have mastered a task that many humans despise: assembling IKEA furniture.

A team of scientists from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have programmed the bots to build IKEA’s $US25 Stefan chair in around 20 minutes.

According to Reuters, the researchers spent three years programming the machines to automatically pick up, grip, and bolt together the chair’s pieces.

Comprised of arms, grippers, sensors, and 3D cameras, the robots take three seconds to locate the parts of the solid-pine dining chair before they get to work.

Assembling IKEA furniture has a reputation for being stressful and leading to relationship spats. But thanks to AI, assembling the retailer’s chairs could be a nuisance of the past.

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