I adopted a dog in 2020, and this handheld vacuum cleaner helped me keep fur off every surface in my house

  • The Roborock H6 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is quieter than other brands, with a sound output of 73.7dB.
  • The H6 boasts a battery life that allows for a 90-minute run time and an 800-hour lifespan.
  • The box includes accessories like a dusting brush, crevice tool, flex tube, carpet brush, motorised mini-brush, and a wall mount.
  • It usually retails for $699 but is currently 20% off

2020 was the year that so many life-altering events happened across the world, that it will go down in history forever. But between bushfires, a pandemic and widespread protests, there was also a lot of light. It was also the year I got my first dog, which on a much smaller scale, is still a massive life event.

Between moving out of an apartment and into a three-bedroom house, taking on the maintenance of a backyard and furnishing the aforementioned house, let me tell you, the last thing I thought about when adopting our dog was the hair. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and quite literally never stops.

There are no regrets about adopting my cheeky kelpie, Kobe. But I’ve spent the better part of the last six months lugging around a heavy, bulky and dated vacuum cleaner that makes getting into all those smaller hair-covered places around my house that much harder.

That’s when the Roborock H6 Handheld Vacuum entered my life.

The Roborock H6 Handheld Vacuum

The Roborock H6 has a similar design to the Dyson V7 and Dyson V8 but has a darker colour scheme of grey and red. It’s the first stick vacuum that Roborock has released and it took three years to finesse — and I personally think they’ve done a pretty epic job with the finished product.

Unlike other vacuums, the H6 is relatively quiet considering the power you feel when using it. The vacuum cleaner has a sound output of 73.7dB, which is lower than the standard 75dB on other vacuums of comparable size and power. In real-world terms, it equates roughly to the volume of loud conversation.

The H6 holds almost 500g of debris in its dust cup and can be emptied straight into a bin through the vertical trap door. After a rigorous clean, you may find the debris you’ve picked up will stick around the central filter in the dust cup but it’s easy enough to dislodge with something like a chopstick or blunt knife.

It gets the job done… and the some

I often need to spot clean areas of my house — my couch in particular — daily due to our dog bringing in sticks from outside. The H6 boasts a battery life that allows for a 90-minute run time, which is significantly longer than some other stick vacuums and is generally much longer than I would need to use daily. That means I can get two weeks worth of spot cleaning throughout my house on one full battery charge.

In the past, I’ve struggled with maintenance on my larger ball vacuum. It was difficult to clean filters and check for blockages, which begs the question: are there people employed as vacuum cleaner cleaners? With the Roborock, all of the compartments can be separated, so you can easily clean filters and maintain suction power that’s as good as the first time you use it.

The accessories

The standard Roborock H6 Handheld Vacuum set comes with six accessories to suit whatever you are cleaning up. This includes a dusting brush, crevice tool, flex tube, carpet brush and motorised mini-brush. You also get a wall mount that easily stores your attachments and acts as a docking station to plug in and charge your vacuum.

My favourite attachment to use for my couch is the motorised mini-brush and I use the crevice tool for those tiny, hard to reach spots in my car. The mini-brush packs some extra power and picks up all the hair that weaves itself into the couch’s thread — and the fact that it clips directly into the main dust compartment without the baton extension tube means that it’s simple to use and light enough for a no-fuss, quick clean up.

I am yet to try it directly on the dog itself.

The bottom line

At $699 (and 20% off right now), the Roborock H6 Handheld Vacuum is good value for the power it packs and the extras you receive with it. Whether it’s a full house spruce, spot clean or the monthly car detail — this vacuum can do it all. The compact size is just a bonus. Unlike other brands and comparable models, the Roborock vacuum stands out due to its superior lithium-ion polymer battery (the same batteries used in drones) that allows for a solid 90-minute runtime on a full charge when in eco mode.

You can forget about your hand or fingers cramping while using the H6 stick vacuum as the main dust cup and battery is only 1.4 kilograms and includes an electronic lock that keeps the motor running without needing to hold down the trigger continually. It’s like cruise control for your vacuum.

It’s worth noting that due to its compact size, the H6 doesn’t have a detachable battery. Because it’s built into the main machine, it means that should you need to replace the battery, you would need to replace the whole main machine or enquire about repairs.

Despite this, the H6 claims to have an 800-hour lifespan, which will definitely give me a few years of great service before it’s time to upgrade. It also comes with a two-year warranty, so you are covered if any issues arise with the battery anyway.

For a powerful and compact vacuum, the Roborock H6 Handheld Vacuum is excellent value and perfect for a couple or small family with a dog that needs to do a spot clean daily, and a top-to-bottom clean weekly.

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