A 10-Foot RoboCop Statue Is Being Built In Detroit Thanks To Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Gotham has Batman, New York City has Spider-Man, and Detroit has RoboCop.

A 10-foot tall bronze statue of cyborg crime fighter Alex Murphy is coming to Detroit next summer thanks to a bunch of devoted fans and a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

The project came about after someone tweeted to Mayor of Detroit David Bing about creating a statue of the fictional police officer.

After Bing surprisingly tweeted back saying there weren’t any plans , Detroit citizen John Leonard thought it was an idea worth pursuing.

After putting together a Facebook following he started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $US50,000 to install a statue in Detroit.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out the group raised more than $US67,000 in six days back in 2011.

Graphic designer Hottelet contributed a majority of the funds amounting to $US25,000.

Hottelet works for Omni Consumer Products, an entertainment licensing and product development company that shares the name with the corporation in the original RoboCop films and TV series.

According to THR the statue will be erected next summer, after the remake of the film is set to release in February, 2014.

The statue will be built in part by both Venus Bronze Works and Center for Conservation, Warren Ally Foundry and Edgewise Forge.

RoboCop will stand on Wayne State University‘s TechTown campus.

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