Robinson Cano Reportedly Wants $US305 Million From The Yankees

Robinson Cano, who will be a free agent after the season, is demanding a $US305 million contract from the Yankees
according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

While $US30 million per year may seem excessive in 2013 for a player that ranks seventh in Wins Above Replacement (6.1 WAR) this season, the accelerated growth of television contracts and franchise values suggest that $US30 million will be reasonable for a top player in a few years.

No, the ridiculous part of Cano’s demand is that he is seeking a 10-year contract. Cano will turn 31 next month, and barring a Barry Bondsian mid-30s surge, his career has already peaked.

As stated in the report, $US305 million represents the total value of the contract the Yankees gave to Alex Rodriguez assuming he reaches all of the built-in incentive clauses, a contract the Yankees almost certainly regret. 10 years was also the length of the contract Albert Pujols received when he was 32, a deal the Angels almost certainly regret.

It is not completely unreasonable for a team to give a player a 10-year deal. Some teams are willing to overpay at the back-end if there is some sense that they are getting maximum value early in the contract. But at $US30 million per year, there is no value to the Yankees early in the deal.

Of course, this is just a negotiating stance by Cano and Jay Z’s Roc Nation, who represent Cano. But it helps if the demands are at least realistic.

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