Robin Williams's daughter talks about everyone's reaction after her father's death: It's 'sweet, but also alienating and difficult'

Zelda Williams has been busy since her father, Robin Williams, died two months ago. But she always has him in mind.

After his death, Zelda received an outpouring of support. It was an emotional time, as she told Entertainment Weekly.

“I was really appreciative of the fact that everyone loved Dad so much, but [I] did get looked at like a butterfly that you were going to damage, and that’s in its own way sweet, but also alienating and difficult,” she told EW. “I had an enormous amount of time to myself.”

Zelda and her father were close. Growing up, the two bonded over movies, comic books, and video games. She was even named after the Zelda in the game series “The Legend of Zelda.” Without him, Zelda said she felt unmoored.

“Maybe out of stubbornness, but also out of independence, I never asked him for a road map — I didn’t want the curiosity to be dampened for me,” she told EW. “I had to figure this out before he was gone, and now I definitely have to figure it out on my own. But I’m enjoying that process.”

Since Robin’s death, Zelda has been working in independent movies. She’s now starring in a horror drama TV series “Dead Summer,” where she plays a transgender counselor at the summer camp where the show is set.

She’s excited about playing the role of the type of person who’s often underrepresented in media, even though she isn’t a trans actor herself. Zelda told EW that she spoke with trans men to inform how she plays her character, believing the trans community “deserves an honest portrayal.”

“He missed out on me being proud of myself by about a year and a half,” she said. “That’s the one thing that’s really sad for me, because I know he was always proud of me. I think he would have loved that I was happy.”

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