Robin Williams' Death Confirmed As Suicide

According to the results of an initial forensic investigation into the death of comedian Robin Williams, the cause was asphyxiation by hanging.

On Tuesday morning, the heartbreaking news broke that Williams, aged 63, had been found dead in his Californian home near San Francisco on August 11.

Today, Marin County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Keith Boyd confirmed Williams’ death was the result of suicide.

Warning – Graphic details.

Boyd told reporters Williams had been found by his personal assistant on Monday morning “suspended from the belt that was wedged between the door and the door frame that was placed around his neck”.

Boyd said he was in a “seated position, suspended, slightly above the ground,” adding there were also cuts on Williams’ wrist and a small knife was found near his body.

Officials said the actor’s wife, Susan Schneider, last saw him about 10.30pm on Sunday night.

When asked if a note had been left behind Boyd said, “We’re not going to discuss the note … at this time.”

He said the investigation is ongoing and toxicology tests are also being run.

There’s more here.

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