Cazenove Strategist Says It's The Plunge Protection Team Driving The U.S. Equity Markets

Cazenove’s Robin Griffiths spoke to CNBC this morning (via ZeroHedge) on what’s driving the current equity growth in the U.S. market.

  • 0:30 Permanent Open Market Operations, or POMO, has the Fed buying treasuries from the banks, and then those banks act by putting money back into the market.
  • 0:50 The money turns algorithms up, they enter the market, human investment managers don’t enter the market, only the algorithms. Real investors don’t want to buy in.
  • 1:15 The equity markets are being goosed up by the Plunge Protection Team.
  • 1:40 The President has accepted that the recession still exists for many Americans, and there is now going to be more money, from QE 2, coming into the market due to the belief that Keynesian stimulus failed.
  • 3:00 The bubble never ends when we start calling it a bubble.
  • 3:30 When America has been going no where for the last decade, the emerging markets are where you should have been putting your money. The Bovespa is a real bull market, rising at 1000% per decade. 

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