Robert Shiller Sounds Pretty Chill About The Obnoxious Students Who Interrupted His Class

On Monday, a bunch of Yale students interrupted Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller’s class with a completely obnoxious prank, but Shiller seems pretty chill about it.

“I was a little thrown off by the pranksters, but, after all, wasn’t too much bothered by it,” Shiller told Business Insider.

Not sure if we’d be as smooth.

As Shiller was a lecturing, a bunch of cell phones started going off. One student shouted, “Rise!” Then a bunch of students stood up, holding bells. A boy and a girl walked down to the podium. They handed Shiller a few things — a paper and a scroll.

Then one students said, “For talking about your Nobel Prize more than anyone else, we present you with the Yes-bell Prize.”

Really clever.

“The accusation that I talked too much about the Nobel Prize isn’t about a mortal sin,” Shiller said. “I can live with criticism like that.”

OK Professor, if you’re cool, we’re cool.

For now.

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