Internet Guru Robert Scoble Says Twitter Feels A Lot Like A Ghost Town

robert scoble

Photo: Flickr / Affilate

Google+ isn’t getting a lot of fair coverage in the press, says Internet guru Robert Scoble.While a lot of the tech press has said Google+ is a “ghost town,” Scoble says it’s actually Twitter’s started to feel more like a ghost town.

“Seriously, I know Twitter’s not a ghost town, but it sure feels like that because of the usage model there,” Scoble said in a post on Google+. “As it has turned into more of an “information utility” and less of a community it feels more and more empty.”

Since July of last year, he’s gone from 0 to 1.5 million followers on Google Plus, and 13,000 to 261,000 followers on Facebook. But he’s only gone from 240,000 followers to 260,000 followers on Twitter.

He said that’s because there aren’t any noise controls on Twitter, so users are getting overloaded and aren’t following more people.

Here are some of the highlights of his argument over on Google+:

So, what’s the new social media ghost town? I say it’s Twitter. Follower growth has NOT kept up there with the other services, which is telling me something. 

1. That while number of tweets have gone up, people are getting overloaded so they aren’t following more people. Why is that? Because there isn’t any noise controls on Twitter (Facebook’s feed, on my screens, is a LOT more useful than Twitter’s feeds).

2. I’m on Google+’s suggested user list, which is gifting me a huge number of followers. But I got up to 230,000 without ever being on that list here. Lots of people are signing up and at least a few ARE sticking around here.

3. Over on Facebook there are ways to get spread around more, and juice its suggested user feature (this is one thing Facebook does better than Twitter or Google+ since this list is algorithmic and doesn’t show a single same list to every user), which gets you more users.

4. Facebook juices its subscriber numbers through lists. If you get put on a list with, say, 30,000 followers, all those followers will be added to your follower count.

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