Robert Scoble Ripped Vic Gundotra Apart Over The New Google+ Events Feature

robert scoble

Photo: Flickr / Affilate

Robert Scoble, one of the tech world’s biggest Google+ evangelists, just ripped his former boss Vic Gundotra apart regarding Google+’s new Events feature.(Scoble worked for Gundotra at Microsoft back in the day. Gundotra is now head of social at Google.)

Scoble was particularly annoyed that Google+ Events automatically adds new items to your calendar without asking. 

From Scoble’s post:

Not only did it spam the crap out of my notifications and my Google+ events page but it added events — hundreds of them — onto my calendar.

My calendar is MINE. Not yours. You should NEVER put anything on it that I don’t approve of.

It sounds like Scoble is being a bit hypersensitive, but he definitely has a point. We agree that Google+ should definitely ask permission before adding events to your calendar.

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