Film Directors Have Found Another Incredible Use For Twitter

Director Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City,” “Machete”) recently released a new short film called “Two Scoops.”

To complete the film he enlisted the help of his Twitter followers asking them to suggest weapons, design a villain, and cast a character.  

He even asked fans to submit photos of themselves to be used as missing people posters in the film.  

The experiment is one of four Blackberry 10 Keep Moving Projects where celebrities ranging from Rodriguez to Alicia Keys engage fans to participate in different video projects. 

Rodriguez’s “Two Scoops” is an 11-minute short following two ice cream truck employees who battle it out with evil monsters.  

Here’s one of the tweets that made it into the final cut. 

We’ve seen other directors take a different approach to Twitter recently. Marc Webb and Bryan Singer are big on tweeting images from the sets of their respective upcoming films, “The Amazing Spider-Man” sequel and “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

We wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing more Hollywood figures start using a similar approach to get traction on YouTube, television, and future films.

Check out Rodriguez’s completed project below.

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