A look inside the life of 76-year-old Robert Kraft and his much younger girlfriend, Ricki Noel Lander

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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft shows no signs of slowing down, even at 76-years-old.

He remains heavily involved in the operations of the Patriots, who are coming off of a Super Bowl appearance, their 9th since craft took over the team.

And his 38-year-old girlfriend, Ricki Noel Lander, just gave birth to a new baby, and while he has issued a statement saying he is not the biological father, it looks like he will still be heavily involved in the baby’s life.

According to Page Six, “Sources say that Kraft is ‘taking full care of Ricki and the baby,’ and he has bought her a Los Angeles mansion and made some sizable financial investments on her behalf.”

Of course, as a billionaire sports owner, Kraft certainly has the means to do so. Here are some other ways he has put his money to use and lived his life.

Kraft made his fortune in paper manufacturing.

Source: Forbes

He was a 23-year Patriots season ticket holder before buying the team.

NBC Sports

Source: Patriots.com

He bought the Patriots for $US175 million in 1994.

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In 1988, Kraft purchased the Patriots stadium out of bankruptcy court.

Jim Rogash/Getty

Source: Patriots.com

Kraft was offered a lucrative buyout to allow the Patriots to terminate their lease with their stadium and move out of New England, but he refused, opting instead to buy the team.

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Source: Patriots.com

The Patriots are currently valued at around $US3.7 billion dollars, the second highest mark in the league.

Source: Forbes

He donated to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign

Win McNamee/Getty Images

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But he’s also good friends with Donald Trump.

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He accidentally “gave” a Super Bowl ring to Vladimir Putin and still hasn’t received it back.

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Kraft is also the founder and owner of the New England Revolution, one of the 10 original MLS clubs.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Source: Revolutionsoccer.net

He is also the honorary chairman of the board for the bid committee for the joint North American bid for the 2026 World Cup.

Source: USSoccer.com

And he’s “intrigued” at the idea of buying an English Premier League team.

Jim Rogash/Getty

Source: BBC

He also owns an Overwatch team.


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Kraft was married to his first wife, Myra, for over 40 years, until she passed away due to Ovarian cancer.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Source: ESPN

Kraft and his wife had four sons, three of whom remain heavily involved in his business.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Source: The Kraft Group

In 2012 Kraft began dating actress Ricki Noel Lander.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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The pair frequently attend sporting events such as Celtics games and the U.S. Open together.

Sources: Boston Globe, Business Insider

He’s also tried to help her career by filming audition tapes with her.

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Kraft is good friends with rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

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Source: Sports Illustrated

Kraft is a sneaker head and even got a custom pair made for him by Nike.

Photo courtesy of Nike

Source: Boston.com

Kraft has been to the Grammys and even hung out with Jay-Z and Kanye.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images For Roc Nation

Sources: NESN,Sports Illustrated

Kraft showed off his latest Super Bowl ring to Snoop Dogg and Tracy Morgan at the most recent NBA All-Star Game.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Source: NESN

Even though he denies being the father of Lander’s child, Kraft reportedly bought her a mansion in L.A. and is heavily invested in the upbringing of the child.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Source: Sporting News

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