Pakistan Just Arrested Five CIA Informants, Including The Guy Who Provided Surveillance For Seal Team 6


Pakistan has arrested several alleged CIA informants who helped in the Abbottabad raid last month.

According to the BBC, those arrested include:

  • The owner of a safe house rented to the CIA to watch Bin Laden’s compound, who threw flares inside the compound’s walls to guide the Navy helicopters.
  • A Pakistani army major, for passing information to the CIA.
  • A small group that helped refuel American helicopters in Pakistan.
  • The contractor that built the Bin Laden compound.
  • The cousins of the couriers living with Bin Laden.

U.S. relations with Pakistan have cooled dramatically since the May 2 attack. When members of the Senate Intelligence Committee asked the deputy director of the CIA Michael Morell to rate Pakistan’s cooperation with the U.S. on a scale of 1 to 10 he said, three.

The leader of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers agrees and told the New York Times Tuesday that he believes Pakistan intelligence, and the military, helped hide Bin Laden. Though he refused to offer proof he said he based his assessment on “information that I’ve seen.”

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