The House Just Voted To Cut Off Funding For The Libyan War

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The House of Representatives took a majority vote against any further funding for U.S. involvement in Libya.According to AFP, the numbers were 163 to 248 against.

The decision comes after President Obama both began the Libya campaign in March and prolonged it without congressional approval.

Democrat Brad Sherman introduced the amendment invoking the War Powers Resolution, which limits presidential authority for sending troops into combat without congressional approval. The appropriations bill still requires official, additional approval and the Senate needs to back up the Congress’ vote to be passed.

The War Powers Resolution states the president needs congressional consent to deploy troops and he may keep them in combat for only 60 days without it. Beyond its required contribution of forces to NATO, the U.S. currently supplies the majority of personnel to a Naples based surveillance station and a large portion of munitions to the conflict.

The Tripoli Post reports that the vote will not stop U.S. planes from flying missions in Libya, but it’s unclear if the ordinance used in the bombings will continue to flow without additional funding.

To maintain the Libyan involvement requested by defence secretary Robert Gates, the president now has to convince the Senate not vote the same as the House.

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